Futurist Labs Named Among Top Bulgarian Developers

Clutch is an independent technology research firm which provides rankings of the top developers, agencies, and consultants, across the world.  Their algorithm is based on analyst conducted case study reviews, as well as company market presence and experience.  We are proud to announce that we are among the top five app development companies in Bulgaria.

At Futurist Labs we set ourselves apart from our competitors because we can fully ebbed ourselves as our clients’ IT or development department. Our clients are our partners.  We also have the unique capability to work seamlessly across cultural boundaries under the guidance of our American CEO, Mark Rogers. We were very happy to hear our clients validate these facts.

Peter Stougaard, the CEO of PopBoardz highlighted our ability use technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Lambda, and EC2 to take his presentation app to the next level. He rated us 5 stars across the board:

“Getting senior people for a reasonable fee has allowed me to experiment, which is what I really like. Some places require us to be specific about what we’re trying to get done. With Futurist Labs having such a great value, I can ask them to play with certain tasks, and give them the freedom to make mistakes. This is hard to find in the world of development.”


To read more reviews, check out our profile on Clutch and contact us with any inquiries.